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Method Specialist Care for visually impaired elderly at De Vlasborch

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The Method Specialist Care was created to map the wishes of the inhabitants of De Vlasborch, a home for the visually impaired elderly. Next to that the method will equip the employees of Royal Dutch Visio.


Date: 11 June 2013 16:15
Author: Royal Dutch Visio
Organization: Royal Dutch Visio
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Content type: Good practises

Visual inconveniences

There are several inconveniences that can affect vision : metamorphopsia, photophobia, scotomas, night blindness, visual hallucinations, occasional loss of vision, mirages, altered perception of colours, visual fatigue or “dryness” syndromes.  


Date: 24 December 2012 15:02
Author: Sylvie Ervé
Organization: Centich, France
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Eye health and eye conditions

Our information on individual eye conditions is medically checked and is designed to be as useful as possible. We have grouped them, in alphabetical order, into three groups: names beginning with A to C, D to N and O to Z to make them easier to find quickly. Click here

If you wish to use this information for patients and clients, you will find that each page has a link to a printable version. Please feel free to print and photocopy as many copies of the information as you may need


Date: 24 July 2012 12:05
Author: RNIB, Great Britain
Organization: RNIB, Great Britain
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