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Network for Cooperation of National Organisations Working in Vision for Inclusion and Development of Activities

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About us: 

There are currently four Portuguese organisations enrolled in ENVITER:

APEDV – Associação Promotora de Emprego de Deficientes Visuais

(Association for the Promotion of Employment of visually impaired people)

APEDV is a well-known charity founded in 1980 by Assis Milton, himself a blind person, following his successful project of creating a school for the blind in Mozambique. The organization focuses on vocational training  and job search, with proper follow-up to ensure satisfactory inclusion in the workplace. Courses include  masseurs, receptionists and handicrafts.

Some adults are unable to achieve a work placement, either due to additional impairments or to ageing. For these, APEDV has created an Ocupational Activities Center (CAO) which serves 15 people.



Aquilino Rodrigues (link sends e-mail)
Phone:+351 218310760 (link is external)


FRMS - Fundação Raquel e Martin Sain

(The Raquel and Martin Sain Foundation)

Our organisation was established in January 1959 and, by the initiative of its founders, has the objectives of occupation and education of blind people, in particular providing them with opportunities for a working and productive life, together with any other means (educational, cultural or scientific) aiming to improve the situation of blind people in Portugal.

Currently, we work mainly in the field of education for blind adults, providing vocational and long life training, and guiding the integration processes. We work to empower people and provide them with better skills and, in doing so, increase opportunities to access the labour market and to fully integrate blind people into society.

In addition to our headquarters building, Fundacao Raquel Martin Sain also has a residential home, which allows us to accommodate students from all over the country.


Vera Rapagao
Fundacao Raquel e Martin Sain
Rua Joao Saraiva, 11
1700-248 Lisboa
+351 218480136
Email: (link sends e-mail) (link is external)


Hemicare – Health Medical Care Ltd.

Hemicare is a dynamic company operating in ophthalmology and low vision. Founded in 2003, it focuses on developing sound relationships with all customers, suppliers and employees. To fulfill this mission, Hemicare supports several health technicians, as well as the associations that represent them. We support conferences and symposia in order that they share among themselves technological advances because we want to provide them with state of the art products, equipment and techniques.

Hemicare’s participation in ENVITER enables a close connection with doctors and hospitals.

We intend to be involved all the way, and to enable dynamic people with great ideas to develop and create new ways, methodologies and materials.


Avenida Prof. Dr. Augusto Abreu Lopes, Nº 53 B
 2675-301 Odivelas - Portugal
Phone:+351 219383260
Contact Person:Patricia Matos (link sends e-mail) (link is external)


Íris Inclusiva - Associação de Cegos e Amblíopes

(Association of blind and partially sighted people)

Íris Inclusiva is a non-profit association founded in 2009, whose mission is to contribute to the social emancipatory inclusion of blind and visually impaired people, giving them the right to full citizenship and the access to diversified life opportunities in equality with others.

Since 2014 we have been developing a multidisciplinary set of social services, whose main purpose is to promote full inclusion of this citizens in their life contexts, fostering autonomy and total participation. We also aim to enable families, professional and other community resources, so they can support this process and be active players in building a more effective inclusive society.


Isabel Barciela
Email: (link sends e-mail)
Phone: +351 962697074