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Lifelong Learning Needs for Ageing People with Sensory Disabilities

Grundtvig Network Proposal


Aim of SensAge

To become the reference point within the European Union for developments in lifelong learning and enablement for ageing people with sensory disabilities in order to maintain their independence and to improve their quality of life.

These workpackages will implement the objectives:

  • WP1: Management
  • WP2: Quality Control and Evaluation
  • WP3: Sustainability
  • WP4: Communication and Dissemination Strategy
  • WP5: Development and maintenance of a website
  • WP6: Organisation of Annual Conferences
  • WP7: Exchanges between professionals
  • WP8: Advocacy at National and EU level
  • WP9: EU wide database of knowledge


The term ‘ageing’ depends upon the personal, social, medical, disability and statutory circumstances of each person and can vary in each Member State. There is no definition of the starting age within EU literature.


Mutualité Française Anjou-Mayenne (MFAM)

Contact persons
Mr. John Harris,
Mr. Philippe Belseur,